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Living in earth lol

Born on April 16th

ello govnas and people out there! (that i don't know) my name iz CheeseCakeGirl101! psst...i'm behind you...MADE YOU LOOK!!! and if i didn't too bad! :P if you haven't realized yet...i'm super random...SORRY SLOW PEOPLE! ok...only used up 760/1000...now 144/1000...i should kinda stop now...don't you think. any how random face about meh...i am scared of crickets!!! OMG LOOK @ UR FACE! (lol jk!) randomness time!!!~~~ dude 1: how high are you? dude 2:no! it's hi how are you? ______¦¦¦¦¦¦¦_ _...


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