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Cheezburger Collectibles

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So, I have seen these things called Collectibles on Cheezburger. What does it mean?

Every day that you visit the I Can Has Cheezburger family of sites, you can earn a new Collectible Trophy. Collectible Trophies are a way to show off your love of I Can Cheezburger? to your CheezFrenz on and the world.

How do I know which trophies I have?

You will be notified in a small message box when you receive a Collectible. And, you can check out all your trophies in your Profile Trophies page.

Collectibles sound awesome! Which sites can I visit to earn Collectibles?

  • I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • I Has A Hotdog
  • Daily Squee
  • Acting Like Animals
  • Happy Chair Is Happy
  • Historic LOLs
  • My Food Looks Funny
  • Epicute
  • So Much Pun
  • ROFLrazzi
  • Totally Looks Like
  • Must Have
  • If Shoes Could Kill
  • It Made My Day
  • Pundit Kitchen
  • Lovely Listing
  • Tots and Giggles

Alright, so far collecting sounds great! What else do I need to know?

Here's some insider info for you—some Collectibles are harder to get than others. Also, you can get more than one of the same Collectible trophy!

I have extra Collectibles. What do I do with them?

You can give your extra Collectibles away as gifts to your friends on You must have at least two of a collectible to be able to give one away. You can give one per friend every day.

That's really cool for my friends, but what do I get for giving a Collectible?

Well, for starters, you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling for helping someone out. Also, if they're cool, they’ll send you a Collectible you’re missing in return!

Now that I've started I can't stop. How do I get ALL of them?

Coming back every day and trading with your friends is free, and a sure fire way to get all the Collectibles we have to offer.

I can't wait another day to have them all! What do I do to get them now?!

Well look at you! Luckily we have an option just for you! You can purchase the Collectibles with Cheezburger Coins, our CheezCurrency available at

Now what are you waiting for?! Start collecting!

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